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Inclusion Center

Formerly the Access & Diversity Center

Inclusion Center Resources

The Inclusion Center is located on the third floor of the Taggart Student Center. We have lots of space for informal meetings, relaxing, eating, and computer use. Please stop by and say hello to our staff.


We are happy to provide computer and printer access to our students. Our office contains six different computers open to students. Please remember the following when using our computers.

  • Always save your work on a flash drive or box. We are not responsible if your work gets deleted.
  • Printing: Students can print for free a maximum of 8 pages a day if it relates to schoolwork

In the Kitchen

We are happy to provide a small kitchen with a refrigerator and a microwave for our students. Please be courteous to others and keep the area clean.

  • Always wipe the microwave clean after each use.
  • Mark items you store in the refrigerator with your name and the date. Unmarked items will be thrown away.
  • Items left in the refrigerator for more than one week will be thrown away.
  • Please remember to bus and wash your dishes. Dirty dishes left in the refrigerator will be thrown way.

The Lounges

Our lounges are a great place to socialize and spend time with friends. We have three different lounges: MSS Lounge, Nontraditional Lounge (TSC 315), and LGBT lounge (TSC 313). The furniture is comfortable, the atmosphere relaxing. Enjoy lunch. Meet with friends. Meet new people. Do homework. Everyone is welcome.

  • To reserve any of our lounges, please contact Dorcee at